We provide various simulations, each with their own background story and theretical background factors. Find the one most suitable for your team.

Our simulations

Glue yout team together

This simulation helps in understanding your colleagues. Specifically, it makes visible team members’ preferences regarding different kinds of job tasks. Fits well for understanding social coherence and building of mutual understanding.

Stress factors

People react to stress factors and its components differently. Empower your team by a discussion on different types of stress factors and team members’ relationship with them.

Entrepreneurial leadership

The simulation takes the team to make strategic choices for an internationally successful corporation in difficult times. You will face business challenges that highlight the entrepreneurial aspects of your team.

Efficient management team

Management team differs from the other teams in the organisation. Give the management team an opportunity to discuss its ways of functioning.

Agility accelerator

Combining an escape room and research-based team development tool in one package. In co-operation with a leading escape room operator in Finland (Helsinki or Tampere) or Germany (selected cities).

Results workshop

To support each simulation, we provide a results workshop. In the workshop team goes through the results of the simulation and chooses the next steps in the team’s development path.

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