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Grape People

“We are developing our own team on a regular basis. It is part of our strategy. In the spring of 2018, we were looking for new perspectives for understanding each other through SmoothTeam simulation. It was fun! Thinking about each other’s strengths worked very well through the story.”

Piritta van der Beek, CEO

Ehta Raha

“We work partly remotely, so everyone doesn’t know each other so well. The simulation taught us some surprising things about the other team members and shared tacit knowledge of each other’s strengths. Better than personality tests, as the findings relate to practical situations and can be instantly discussed in a positive manner.”

Tanja Korvenmaa

Marker Wizards

We traditionally have a very open culture. Despite this, the SmoothTeam simulation helped us to find issues that were important for the functioning of our work community. The simulation also supported our new personnel in becoming a part of the team and speeded up creation of trust within the team.

Antti Niemistö, CEO

Piritta van der Beek

Piritta van der Beek


Grape People Finland Oy
We develop our own team’s functions regularly. It is part of our strategy. In spring 2018 we discovered new points of view to understanding each other with a SmoothTeam simulation. It was great fun! Through the story discovering each others’ strengths worked really well. The simulation took the discussion to deep enough level in a short time. It provided enough structure but also room for creativity. In many team development tools you get a report – SmoothTeam is different – its strength is in getting straight to practice and relating the issues to our own community. Through the simulation it is easy to discuss relevant issues. The simulation makes it visible in a versatile way how we see each other and ourselves in different ways. At work you show different sides of yourself than in other places. We are going to use SmoothTeam simulation with our customers as one method for team development.

Tanja Korvenmaa

Ehta Raha

We work partially remote, so people don’t know each other that well. In the simulation you learned surprising things about your colleagues, and shared quiet knowledge about each others’ strengths. Better than personality tests, since the observations are directly related to practical situations, and they are discussed in a positive way.

Tiia Lehtinen

PGL research

The simulation showed me how the others see me, and I also learned a great deal about the other employees.

Anna Länninki

Junior Chamber Tammerkoski

SmoothTeam tool was direct, easy to use and an entertaining way to compare how I and others see different team members by their character and as a part of the team.

Areski Stichweh


I learned a few things about my coworkers, especially regarding their work, their working habits and what they like to do. SmoothTeam exercise gave us a platform to communicate and ask a lot of questions that are essential to having a functional team. Awesome. The report with the graphs, stats, team summary and personal summary is fantastic.



I got to know my team mates better, especially the new ones. Graphical presentation in regards to the colors and arrows is quite helpful to find gaps in self-assessment and assessment from the others.



All assumptions that I had had regarding my colleagues’ work preferences were not true, and in normal business you would not realise that. From the very beginning the task inspired discussion that would be impossible to achieve in for instance normal team meeting.

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