Coaching programmes

We provide various coaching programmes for teams at different situations. Each coaching programme includes two simulations with the results workshops as well as other modules supportign team development, based on the team needs and results of the simulations.

Coaching programmes

Control the stress factors

Expectations of self-directedness and unstructured workload increase the intensity of work, increasing the risk of working fatigue. This load can be lightened, however. In the coaching program, we find solutions that protect against stress through everyday practices while also developing team resilience.

The path of trust

We are open-minded and together we learn from our mistakes. Oh yeah. Who dares to reveal that they messed things up to their colleagues? This coaching package dives deeper than the surface. One of the deepest forms of trust is the courage to be vulnerable in front of a colleague. Developing this can be achieved by combining several tools, such as the analysis of everyday work practices, making colleagues’ characteristics visible, work coaching, and improvisation methods.

New manager

Leadership is not only demanding, it is also situational. A good leader makes it possible for team members to do their best. Coaching combines the identification of strengths and the building of management practices. The team gets to know each other, builds trust and solves everyday management issues.

New team starter package

The team is proven to be more effective when its members know each other. Knowledge evolves as you work together, but you can also speed up the process of knowing and trusting. Coaching provides the team with a concrete understanding of colleagues, their strengths, and their relationship with different tasks. The profile reports help you find effective ways for working together.

Team maintenance

Jobs, tasks and people change. Sometimes it is important for the team to stop and talk or reflect and develop their activities. Occasionally, the team also accumulates things that are bubbling under every day activities and that should be dealt with. Coaching program provides the team with an opportunity to understand colleagues and organize their work more effectively.

Agility for the team

Agility and experimental culture are practices that can benefit every team. Getting away from the culture of design and management towards brave experiments requires changes in both personal and team practices. With team coaching you will find the next steps to agile action.

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